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We love you and accept you with open arms.

We are proud to serve our fellowship and to be allowed to inform the public about our area and the recovery within it. In Narcotics Anonymous, you are part of the “we.”

Welcome to the Richmond Area
Convention of Narcotics Anonymous

Due to the demands of the addicts seeking recovery in the Richmond area, an ad hoc committee was formed to explore the feasibility of hosting its own convention. In 2019, the Richmond Area Service Committee of Narcotics Anonymous voted to establish its very first convention.

Historically, when hosting the Virginia statewide N.A. convention, nearly 1,500 addicts seeking recovery from all over the country attended the convention when held in Richmond. 

Through speakers and workshops, individuals recovering from the disease of addiction share their experience, strength and hope to help one another stay clean.


In 1982, the Richmond Area of Narcotics Anonymous  was formed. Our area supports the City of Richmond and counties of Henrico, Hanover, and Chesterfield. 
For over thirty years, our experienced members have helped those facing addiction learn a new way of life. Our service committee is determined to provide a welcoming and safe space for each and every member while managing the welfare of the group.

About Us

About us

Richmond Area Convention Corporation

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization and help us help others. 

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